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kameko_87's GIFT BASKET

Username: [info]kameko_87
Favourite Characters: Kai, Tala, Max, Kevin, Spencer
Favourite Ships: Kai/Max, Kevin/Spencer, Kai/Tala, Kai/Ray, Brad/AJ, Max/Michael, Lee/Michael
Prompts: I am a robot beep beep, fresh-cut grass, why are you such a DICK, tartan scarves, my life would suck without you.
Dislikes?: Hardcore shota art. Age them up kthx.
Anything else?: Don't expect any porn from me it is a thing I cannot do.

frenchdip - bam margera & ryan dunn

disownmereturns's GIFT BASKET

Username: [info]disownmereturns
Favourite Characters: The Majestics
Favourite Ships: Oliver/Enrique, Johnny/Oliver, Robert/Johnny
Prompts: anything AU (from different lives to fantasy worlds)
Dislikes?: V Force people (because I only know seasons 1 and 3), OCs
Anything else?: I'm fine with any kink, any rating, I can't write White Tigers, All Stars, BEGA and Barthez B. very well. I can't do descriptive, heavy smut. I can't write hetero. Can't write for V Force prompts because I don't know who they are. Juuuuuust so my prospective recipient won't be let down if I get a prompt I can't do. ^^"
frenchdip - bam margera & ryan dunn

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Beyblade Yaoi ~ Secret Admirer

I have decided to host a secret gift exchange for Valentines Day! Yay.
It's kind of short notice and I dunno how many people will sign up =3=
but you have until Thursday, January 14th to sign up~! 
You will recieve a PM on January 15th with the name of your person!

Please make sure you have time to complete your gift!

You HAVE to make your gifts for the people you are assigned and respond to their respective posts. Comments and gifts will be screened until February 14th! However, there will be "gift-baskets"  for everybody. So if after you finish your first gift you want to make more for others, please do so!

To sign up you have to fill out the form below:

What can you make?
* 1000 or more word fics.
* a collection of drabbles
* wallpapers, layouts, banners, icon groups (10+), etc.
* fanmix